ESL Mounting Rails for Integrated & Battery-Powered Labels

With the shelf rails and the matching back parts, you bring battery labels and integrated labels to almost every shelf.

Shelf Rails for Integrated Labels – Electronic Rails System (ERS)


The rail is made of plastic (PVC) with two internal copper bands (nickel-plated). Various rail backs are also available here, allowing the ERS rail to be fastened to almost any type of rail. The glass-clear front of the rail protects the labels from water, dirt, dust and access by third parties, and allows unrestricted views of the electronic price tags. Accordingly, it is still possible to read bar codes with a scanner through the rail.

Regalschienen für Integrierte Labels
Regalschienen für Integrierte Labels
Shelf Rails for Battery Labels – Universal Rail System (URS)
Regalschienen für Batterie Labels

Due to the individual adjustment of the rail height, it can be used for all sizes of the battery series. The reverse L-shape prevents dirt, dust or water from accumulating. The URS rail is available in lengths from 30mm to 3,020mm. This results in use either as a single adapter or for the entire shelf width. The troniTAG standard colours for this rail are black, white and transparent; special colours are available upon request. Through various back parts, we have the opportunity to attach the rail to almost all common shelves. With the help of a magnetic back, the rail can e.g. be placed on metal surfaces, such as refrigerators.

Back Parts for Shelf Rails
For Glass Shelves with a Thickness of 5-10mm
Für Glasböden mit einer Stärke von 5-10 mm
For Wire Baskets
Für Drahtkörbe
For Wooden Floors with a Thickness of 18-22mm
Für Holzböden mit einer Stärke von 18-22 mm
For Linde, Storebest, Tego & Adams Shelves
Für Linde- , Storebest-, Tego- und Adamsregale
For Perforated Wall Shelves with Scanner Holders
Für Lochwandregale mit Scannerhalter
For Wire Baskets
Für Drahtkörbe

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