Digital Signage for the Food & Beverage Trade

Electronic price tags in the grocery and beverage trade can reduce personnel costs, minimise the error rate in pricing and overall increase store efficiency. Your employees will have more time to advise customers and store shelves.

With the solution from troniTAG, you plan centrally price changes in advance. The price changes are made to the exact second at the scheduled time, even outside of opening hours e.g. on weekends or just before closing time. Dynamic Pricing changes perishable commodity prices according to the best before data and reduces commodity scrap. Bid prices are visually highlighted by changing the design.

The battery label BL74 makes a record of pallet goods and beverage crates over a large area, and does so attractively. For this purpose, floor displays and brackets, which are suspended from poster rails, are available for selection. For shelves, we recommend the use of the BL21 and BL29 labels. With the integrated rails, you can switch to battery-free labels that are permanently supplied with power. BL47 labels make goods in refrigerated counters easy to read.

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