Electronic Shelf Labels from troniTAG

We offer digital signage solutions for products, manufacturing processes and businesses. Our power-saving Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) combine the advantages of paper and digital screens. Provide your customers and employees with up-to-date information at any time. Save time and money on information changes, price changes and the display of promotions and status messages. Electronic Shelf Labels are the future - the future for your business.

TroniTAG is your established and reliable ESL partner - with a system that fits your requirements. We install the system tailored to your needs and support you in the selection of hardware, including mountings. In addition, we help you with the integration into your data landscape.

The Benefits of ESL

What are Electronic Shelf Labels?

ESL or eLabels are electronic shelf labels for digital signage. Typical applications are price labelling of products, signage in buildings, shelf locations and production processes. Data is transferred to the electronic shelf label within a few seconds via WiFi.

The data is managed centrally on a PC and can be controlled across the entire facility and across all branches. Battery-operated labels are powered by E-paper technology. The battery life is up to 5 years, while integrated labels are supplied with power directly via shelf rails.

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

The Flexible Solution for Digital Labelling

With the Electronic Shelf Labels from troniTAG, you have the flexibility of digital signage. You can attach and use our labels almost anywhere. In addition to various label series, a comprehensive range of mountings is available.


Advanced Solutions

We offer advanced ESL solutions to enhance the shopping experience of your customers and the productivity of your staff

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Thanks to extensive mounting options, our Electronic Shelf Labels can be attached anywhere.

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Gateway and Software

With the help of innovative software and gateways, product and price information can be controlled, monitored and transmitted from your computer.

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