Digital signage for rooms

Label premises digitally - with electronic labels from troniTAG

With electronic labels from troniTAG, you give your premises a modern appearance and always keep information up to date - automatically, immediately and individually. The troniTAG labels are equipped with the most advanced technology and enable a wide range of innovative options.

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Application areas of electronic signage:

  • conference and meeting rooms
  • office buildings
  • public sector and medical facilities
  • restaurants and hotels
  • table signage
  • warehouse and production

Advantages of digital room signage at a glance:

  • long operating life (approx. 5 years battery life)
  • low power consumption due to e-paper technology
  • always up-to-date information centrally controlled
  • attractive and modern appearance
  • almost unlimited mounting options
  • individual design possibilities

Areas of application for digital room signage

Digital signage for conference

Digital signage for conference, seminar and meeting rooms

With digital signage, you can update a meeting room sign for several meetings in the same room on the same day. You can plan and design the signage in advance and have the dates on the signs updated automatically.
Digital signage in medical institutions

Digital signage in public buildings and in medical institutions

Where do the classes take place? In which courtroom will the trial take place? May I enter? With digital signage in schools, offices, courthouses, hospitals and other facilities, you provide visitors with the highest level of information and security. Even multiple consecutive appointments can be displayed on one sign.
Digital signage in restaurants

Digital signage in restaurants and hotels

Digital signs have a wide range of applications in the hospitality industry. Inform visitors at the reception who will be greeting them or present your daily updated menus directly on the table. Digital signs in conference and seminar rooms can also be used to display up-to-date information.

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Digital table signage

Digital table signage

One table sign for a multitude of people - with the digital table signs you save the manual labor of paper inserts and can determine the seating arrangement at the same time. Or are there rotating customer representatives at one desk? Then use the electronic labels to update the table signage automatically at specific times.

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Electronic labels for production

Electronic labels for production, machines and storage areas

Do you own a machine park and are looking for a way to communicate information or instructions to workstations? With electronic signs, you can display order information, customer information, tool changes, maintenance intervals and malfunctions. Storage locations and production areas can also be digitized.

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