Digital Tabletop Signs and Name Plates

Our digital labels are ideal for use as digital tabletop signage or name plates. The advantages are time and cost savings when changing information. In addition, you modernize the appearance of your company. Our digital table signs are versatile.

Areas of application for digital tabletop signs and name badges

  • tabletop name plate
  • as a "reserved" sign
  • digital menu
  • reception sign
  • name badge
  • advertising display
  • digital welcome sign

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Names, "reserved" displays and menus can be changed at the touch of a button and at a controlled time. This eliminates, for example, the need to change from the lunch menu to the dinner menu by laboriously running from table to table. The appropriate offer appears in time for the arrival of the customers in the evening. The same can be done for last-minute changes to the menu, happy hour offers or daily menus.

Name badges at receptions, on counters or at conferences can always be reset. The corresponding names are transferred to the electronic name badges to match the meeting. This ensures a constantly updated overview of the attendees. In addition, a personal atmosphere is created that leaves a positive impression on both customers and business partners.

For the design of the label, graphics, different fonts and colors can be freely selected so that the layout adapts to your concept or corporate design. Present yourself and your company with high-quality and always up-to-date tabletop signs!

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