Digital Price Labels for Pharmacies

Digital price labels in pharmacies minimize the maintenance effort and allow for quick adjustments of prices to online trade or the pharmacy's own online shop. This leaves more time for staff to provide customer service.

Many pharmacists have already addressed the topic of "Fit for the Future" and taken the first step towards modernity with the introduction of medication dispensers.

With electronic labels from troniTAG, your pharmacy is at the cutting edge of digital development. You control all information centrally from one location and keep errors to a minimum. In addition, our software can be integrated into your existing cash register system.

Product and price accuracy

Immediate and scheduled updates

Central price control and monitoring

Secure data transmission

Stock monitoring and inventory mode

Future-proof solution

Extensive mounting solutions

High energy efficiency

For the large variety of products offered in pharmacies, we have the right label and the appropriate attachment for every area. For shelves, we recommend using the BL 21 and BL 29 labels. In combination with floor displays, the larger BL 75 label is ideal. It can also be attached to dump bins, hooks or as a display in a shop window.

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