Electronic Signage for Industry and Logistics

Digital labels allow you to simplify production processes, increase information transparency and reduce the costs for labelling storage locations with inventory and product data.

With the troniTAG system, you control data centrally and transfer it to the electronic labels in a matter of seconds and in a time-controlled manner. Particularly in production, where the sequence of processes is seamless, accurate, timely information is of great importance for employees.

Product and price accuracy

Immediate and scheduled updates

Central price control and monitoring

Secure data transmission

Stock monitoring and inventory mode

Future-proof solution

Extensive mounting solutions

High energy efficiency

In warehouses and storage areas with constant stocking, ESLs keep the information on the shelf up to date at all times. Equipped with metal housings, the electronic labels are protected from damage. Barcodes remain legible and scannable. We manufacture the housings to fit your shelf exactly.

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