Digital Price Labels for Drugstores and Cosmetics Stores

Digital labels in drugstores and cosmetic stores replace time-consuming price labelling with paper labels and thus ensure that employees have more time for customer consultations.

With the troniTAG solution, you can plan price changes in advance and carry them out in a matter of seconds, even outside opening hours or at several locations at the same time. Whether it's Valentine's Day, a spring promotion or Christmas - at the touch of a button, the prices are put on the label, guaranteeing price uniformity. The software required for this can be integrated into any existing POS system.

Product and price accuracy

Immediate and scheduled updates

Central price control and monitoring

Secure data transmission

Stock monitoring and inventory mode

Future-proof solution

Extensive mounting solutions

High energy efficiency

With extended functions, the label can display additional information such as ingredients, product features or customer ratings and thus support the purchase decision.

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