Digital Price Labelling for Gas Stations

Digital price labels make the work flow at gas stations much easier. At the push of a button, current prices can be applied, which would otherwise have to be laboriously printed out on paper and then applied.

The troniTAG system can be connected to existing merchandise management systems. If a price is changed in the system, it can be transmitted to several locations at the same time. Within a very short time, the price is displayed on the label and at the checkout.

Fast and flexible pricing is important for gas stations, especially in the evenings and on Sundays. Electronic labels make gas station labelling faster, more economical and more flexible.

Product and price accuracy

Immediate and scheduled updates

Central price control and monitoring

Secure data transmission

Stock monitoring and inventory mode

Future-proof solution

Extensive mounting solutions

High energy efficiency

For use on the shelf, we recommend the battery labels BL21 and 29, which are also suitable for use in refrigeration. The batteries last approx. 5 years due to the economical e-paper technology.

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