Digital Price Labelling for Petrol Stations


Digital Price Labelling for Petrol Stations

Advantages of Electronic Shelf Labels


Up-to-date Products and Prices

Immediate and Time-Controlled Updates

Secure Data Transmission

Centralised Price Control and Monitoring

Comprehensive Fastening Solutions

High Energy Efficiency

Stock Monitoring and Inventory Mode

Future-Proof Solution


Our Solution for Petrol Stations

The troniTAG system can be connected to existing merchandise management systems. If a price is changed in the system, it can be transmitted to several locations at the same time. The price is transferred to the label and the checkout within a very short time.

The BL29 battery label is the ideal solution for use at the shelf. This variant has been specially developed for use in refrigeration. It is resistant to moisture and low temperatures and also holds up well in cool environments.

Thanks to the special variants for use in the salesroom and in refrigeration, you also have the flexibility to use the label exactly where it is needed.

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Overview of the troniTAG battery labels
The new way of labeling
Digital price labels make the work process at petrol stations much easier. Current prices can be displayed at the touch of a button, which would otherwise have to be laboriously printed out on paper and then affixed.

Fast and flexible pricing is particularly important for petrol stations in the evenings and on Sundays. Increased personnel costs can be quickly compensated for by the use of electronic labels.

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