Digital Price Labels for Electronics Retail


Digital Price Labels for Electronic Retail

Advantages of Electronic Shelf Labels


Up-to-date Products and Prices

Immediate and Time-Controlled Updates

Secure Data Transmission

Centralised Price Control and Monitoring

Comprehensive Fastening Solutions

High Energy Efficiency

Stock Monitoring and Inventory Mode

Future-Proof Solution


Our Solution for the Electronic Retail Sector

Digital price tags in electronics retail reduce the costs of price changes, ensure price consistency with the online shop and simplify the implementation of price promotions.

The BL 21 and BL 29 labels are the right choice for labelling items on the shelf. For large electrical appliances, we recommend using the BL 75 model. With the extensive range of holders and attachments, electronic price labelling is possible for any product.

The troniTAG system is compatible with almost all merchandise management systems and is easy to integrate. Thanks to our digital labels, you can now manage and implement prices, product information and promotions centrally.

Price and product changes are transferred to the digital label with accuracy and in a matter of seconds. This reduces incorrect labelling to a minimum. Comprehensive updates in several shops are also realised within a few seconds.

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Overview of the troniTAG battery labels
The new way of labeling

Offer your customers the online shopping experience in the local store by displaying extended data on the labels. Customer ratings, sales rank and test results can also be displayed promptly. This additional information increases the incentive to buy and makes the customer's purchase decision easier.

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