Digital Price Lables for Food Retail


Digital Price Labels for Food Retail

Advantages of Electronic Shelf Labels


Up-to-date Products and Prices

Immediate and Time-Controlled Updates

Secure Data Transmission

Centralised Price Control and Monitoring

Comprehensive Fastening Solutions

High Energy Efficiency

Stock Monitoring and Inventory Mode

Future-Proof Solution


Our Solutions for Food Retail
Electronic price tags in the food and beverage trade reduce staff costs, minimise the error rate in price labelling and increase efficiency in the shop. Your employees have more time for advising customers and stocking shelves.

With troniTAG solutions, you can plan price changes centrally in advance. The price changes take place at the planned time, even outside opening hours, e.g. at weekends, shortly before closing time and outside opening hours. Dynamic pricing can be implemented with the help of our solutions, which can be customised to your business. Dynamic pricing changes the prices of perishable goods according to the best-before date and reduces product waste. Offer prices are visually emphasised by changing the design.

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Overview of the troniTAG battery labels
The new way of labeling
The BL 75 Battery Label provides large-scale, eye-catching labelling for pallet goods and drinks crates. Floor displays and holders that are suspended from poster rails are available for this purpose. For shelves, we recommend using the BL 21 and BL 29 labels. With the integrated rails, you can switch to battery-free labels that are permanently supplied with power.

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