for Digital Sign Integration

for Digital Sign Integration


The future ist now!

From Planning to Implementation
troniTAG GmbH is your partner for the integration of digital signage in your company. We support you from needs analysis and planning through to implementation. Our customer service is available to you worldwide.

Needs Analysis



Customer Service

Digital Signs
"The Right Solution for Every Application"
We enable you to use digital signage at any location. As digital price tags, digital shelf labels, electronic menu cards or room signage systems. We provide you with unlimited application possibilities.

Fixing Solutions

Tailored to Your Requirements
Every integration of digital signage is customised, because every customer needs a solution that meets their requirements. We already fulfil many requirements with our standard mounting solutions. If the digital signage is to be seamlessly integrated into your company's corporate identity, customised mounting solutions are required. We have a wide range of manufacturing options that enable solutions to be customised to your requirements.

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Specialised Solutions for Every Industry
Sie sind im Einzelhandel, in der Industrie, Gastronomie oder in einer anderen Branche tätig? Bei uns erhalten Sie auf Ihre Branche zugeschnittene Systemlösungen, die sich nahtlos an Ihr Warenwirtschafts- und Kassensystem fügen. Darüber hinaus stehen Ihnen passende Labeldesignvorlagen zur Verfügung, welche die Wirkung und das Erscheinungsbild Ihrer Unternehmens unterstreichen.
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