Digital Price Labels for Car Dealerships

Digital price labels simplify the pricing of cars and car accessories in car dealerships and tyre shops. You can centrally manage prices, information and promotions - in one branch or across all dealerships - on all channels. This way you always have an overview and can change prices in a planned and timely manner across the board.

Price and product changes are transmitted within seconds. If a vehicle is sold, the changes can be transmitted directly to the price label on the car at the touch of a button. If information is incorrect, you can change it directly on the PC. With the help of the location system, you can help customers quickly find their way around large car parks and show them the way to the car previously selected online.

With additionally displayed test results, customer ratings and QR codes, you inform customers with maximum transparency. Equipped with e-ink technology, information can be read in the highest resolution. A difference in quality to paper price tags is hardly noticeable. All in all, you clearly upgrade the price information with the help of electronic signs.

Product and price topicality

Immediate and scheduled updates

Central price control and monitoring

Secure data transmission

Stock monitoring and inventory mode

Future-proof solution

Extensive fastening solutions

High energy efficiency

For an individual appearance in corporate design, the electronic labels are installed in individual displays. We accompany you from the consultation to the successful installation.

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