Digital Price Labels for DIY Stores


Digital Price Labels for DIY Stores

Advantages of Electronic Shelf Labels


Product and price topicality

Immediate and scheduled updates

Secure data transmission

Central price control and monitoring

Extensive fastening solutions

High energy efficiency

Stock monitoring and inventory mode

Future-proof solution


Our Solution for DIYStores

Electronic labels in DIY Stores reduce staff costs and minimise the error rate. This gives your employees more time to focus on the customer and their requirements during consultations.

The BL 15 battery label is ideal for price labelling on perforated wall hooks. All other labels can be used and attached depending on the space available.

With the troniTAG solution, you can bring your store up to the latest state of the art. Prices are transferred centrally and fully automatically from a single location. Promotions, seasonal items or discontinued models can be appropriately labelled at a predetermined time. The design of the label is free.

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Übersicht über die troniTAG Batterie Labels
The new way of labeling

Offer your customers the online shopping experience directly in your store by displaying extended data on the labels. Customer ratings, sales ranks and test results can also be displayed promptly. They are available as additional information, facilitate the purchase decision and thus increase the incentive to buy.

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