Digital labels for warehouse and production - Industry 4.0 with troniTAG

troniTAG supports you in dovetailing with modern information and communication technology for Industry 4.0. With the help of digital labels in production and warehousing, storage locations, machines and boxes can be labelled and recorded with information. In this way, you create maximum information transparency and efficiency.

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The digital docket

Processes are networked, information is made transparent and people are technically assisted - Industry 4.0 is increasingly moving into companies' warehouses and production facilities.

Digitisation is particularly advantageous for material boxes. Manual labelling is no longer necessary, the so-called docket, which documents individual production steps, becomes digital. Material crates can be assigned to an order, customer requests can be highlighted on the label and visually blocked in case of error messages. The contents list of the crate can also be displayed on a digital label.

Further uses of digital labels in production

  • marking of storage bins with stock and product data
  • status messages from machines
  • employee information boards in the workplace
  • progress reporting of production processes

Advantages of digital networking in warehouse and production

  • information transparency for employees
  • always up-to-date data
  • central control of information
  • information changes in seconds

troniTAG as a companion to Industry 4.0

troniTAG offers you electronic labels with the most advanced technology and integration in warehouse and production. With years of experience in digital signage, we are your reliable partner in the industry.

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