Digital Signage for Hotels and Gastronomy


Digital Signage for Hotels and Gastronomy

Advantages of Electronic Shelf Labels


Up-to-date Products and Prices

Immediate and Time-Controlled Updates

Secure Data Transmission

Centralised Price Control and Monitoring

Comprehensive Fastening Solutions

High Energy Efficiency

Stock Monitoring and Inventory Mode

Future-Proof Solution


Our Solution for Hotels and Gastronomy

With digital signs from troniTAG, you save time and can devote your full attention to your guests. Information can be easily updated several times a day, at short notice and fully automatically - wherever information would otherwise be changed manually.

Automatically re-label buffets - morning, noon and evening - with the BL 21. For conference and seminar rooms, we recommend the BL 75. Among other things, daily seating and seminar contents can be clearly listed.

Digital signs increase information transparency, reduce staff costs and enhance the appearance of hotel and catering establishments. Plan information in advance in the entrance area, at reception, in the restaurant and throughout the entire establishment.

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Übersicht über Batterie Labels im Gastro Design

Places to Use Digital Signage

✓ Reception area
✓ Restaurants and bars
✓ Conference rooms
✓ Spa and fitness area
✓ Swimming pool area
✓ Dining room
✓ Lifts
✓ Business centre
✓ Waiting area
✓ Toilet facilities


The new way of labeling
With digital signs, you can provide your customers and employees with the right information in a transparent and timely manner. You can also benefit from the sales-promoting effect by customising the signage design to your establishment. Have we piqued your interest? Then contact us today!

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