Digital Price Labels

Digital Price Labels by troniTAG

We are your full-service partner for the integration of digital price tags

TroniTAG offers digital price labels with the most advanced technology and integration for your business.
Switch from paper labels to digital price tags and benefit from the advantages of digital price labelling:
  • No more manual labor changing out paper labels
  • Product and price updates in seconds
  • Central price control
  • Battery life up to 5 years long
  • Extensive mounting options

Automatic Data Update

With just one click, update your price and product information in seconds, or update prices at specific times and days of the week, automatically.

Multi-Channel Integration

Keep your in-store and online shop data up to date, and react quickly to competitors' prices.

Extended Advertising Possibilities and Interactive Information

Additional information about the product can be called up directly at the price tag via the customer's smartphone. This can be used to navigate the store, alert the customer to sales, or provide additional content.

High Return on Investment

By saving on personnel, printing and material costs as well as optimizing sales promotion, a high return on investment and rapid amortization is possible after only 12-18 months.

Digital Price Labels and Accessories

troniTAG has the right price label for every application. Our Electronic Shelf Labels are available in different series. For example, the integrated labels from the IL series can be directly powered by a proprietary shelf rail. In this way, battery replacement is no longer necessary. For professional mounting, we have a wide range of shelf rails, adapters and uprights as well as our own manufacturing options for individual fastening.
BL and SL Series

BL and SL Series

Battery-powered labels with ZigBee transmission

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ZV-/ZB Series

ZV-/ZB Series

Battery-powered labels with 2,4 GHz RF transmission

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Comparison of ESL Systems

Comparison of ESL Systems

Differences and benefits of the systems clearly presented

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LCD Bartypes

LCD Bartypes

For playing dynamic and multimedia content

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For almost every product and every shelf type

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How do Digital Price Labels work?

Digital price labels or Electronic Shelf Labels are centrally controlled and updated via secure wireless transmission. Via the troniTAG web interface, you can access the ESL system from any location and PC.
How digital price labels work

Areas of Application for Digital Price Labels

The areas of application for digital price labels are almost unlimited. Below you will find a selection of industries and areas of application:

Managing Multiple Branches and Properties

Electronic price labels not only offer you the possibility of uniform price labelling. You can also design and adapt the electronic labels centrally and across branches. The connection to your merchandise management system allows you to use the labels from sales to shipping. Discover the uniform management of digital price labels for your company.
Management of the electronic labels Bl, SL and IL

Application Images of Digital Price Labels

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