Comparison of Both Systems



This system is characterized by very high reliability due to exceptionally high development and manufacturing standards. Once installed, the sole maintenance requirement of this system is replacing the batteries of the ESL every few years.

In addition, all functions are available via a well-developed RESTful interface, allowing you to integrate any control/monitoring (e.g. data export from your ERP system) into your own software.

Data is imported via RESTful or via CSV file (locally via file or via FTP/SCP). We are at your side here with extensive conversion options including data logic. The number of possible fields is practically unlimited with the BL system.

For easy design of your fixed or dynamic ESL contents, the Windows software ESL Template Editor is available.

Design with Template Editor

Design fixed or dynamic ESL content with the editor

Management in the web browser

Monitoring of all installation sites with the EMSr

Local Installation

Use our flagship Gen2+ Gateway with its onboard ESL Management System (EMS) to control your entire ESL installation. It also handles the Zigbee wireless connection to your electronic shelf signs, just like the Gen2. It can be connected to Gen2 devices to achieve any radio coverage.

Furthermore, it can be interconnected with a second Gen2+ to form a High Availability (HA) network, so that in the event of inaccessibility or in the highly unlikely event of a device failure, the second device will immediately be activated as a backup.

Or you can simply use one or more Gen2 gateways and have the software installed on a Windows PC. (Operation on Linux is possible.) A high availability network is not possible here, but normally not necessary either.

In any case, you have access via web browser, so you can control the ESL system from any location remotely.

In the case of multiple installations, we also offer the ESL Smart Network (ESN) software, with which you can centrally monitor the operation of all installation sites.



In addition to a multi-colored signal LED in each ESL, this series is characterized by its cloud operation. You don't have to worry about data backup or installation. All you have to do is connect the appropriately set Z-gateway to the internet via PoE and your ESLs immediately start working via 2,4 GHz RF.

The system can be controlled to a limited extent via RESTful interface.

Data can be imported via RESTful or via Excel file. Of course, we can also develop converters for you here. Over 60 fields are available for content.

You can design your fixed or dynamic ESL content in the template editor, which runs in the web browser and even offers a few data logic options.

Design with Template Editor

Designing the Z-Labels with the Template Editor

Administration in the Management Area

Z-/ZV series management and system monitoring

Cloud Installation

You can set up one or more sites directly on the web and access them from anywhere in the world via web browser. Different user levels with different ranges are available for system monitoring and use. It is up to you whether you use one of our existing cloud servers or have your own server set up at your company headquarters.

Local Installation

You can also choose local installation on one of your servers on site, making you independent of external service providers.

You Are Always in Control

The operating software of the two systems makes it easy to manage the ESLs and the connected gateways. You can view battery levels, set device properties (e.g. transmission power and channels), assign layouts, etc. In case of a problem (e.g. low battery), you can set up automatic email notifications.

Complete Automation

After the systems are set up, every change in your own database (e.g. ERP software) also changes the content of your troniTAG ESL within a short time. Whether you are updating prices in the market, meeting room door signs with appointment lists, or signage of transport boxes in industrial production - with troniTAG ESL you will operate your signage better and cheaper.

Work Efficiently

With troniTAG, the assignment of products to ESL devices is done conveniently and quickly on site with the help of PDA barcode scanners or with your smartphone. The complete RESTful interface allows you to control functions remotely and develop any automation that fits best with your workflow.

Complex Interfaces

Whether you want to automatically display alternate ESL content in the event of price promotions, or have your data examined and changed by more complex logic - troniTAG is at your disposal with many years of experience and a team of specialists to meet your requirements. Automatic content changes at specific times can also be realized. Just ask us!


BL-/SL-System ZV-/ZB-System
High Availability (HA) option via 2x Gen2+ possible no HA-option
Wireless connection via proprietary Zigbee technology Wireless connection via 2,4 GHz RF
RESTful-interface RESTful-interface
Import directly via RESTful, or CSV file (local or FTP/SCP) Import directly via RESTful, or Excel file (RESTful or web)
Data conversion incl. logic possible through troniTAG Data conversion incl. logic possible through troniTAG
Practically unlimited number of fields 72 predefined fields
Template creation via convenient Windows software Template creation via web editor (incl. data logic options)
Can be used globally via the web, provided the address can be reached (except for Template Editor) Can be used globally via the web, provided the address can be reached (incl. template editor)
Cloud possible: no Cloud possible: yes
Local installation possible: yes Local installation possible: yes
Several locations can be centrally monitored via additional software for which a fee is charged Several locations can be centrally monitored
No LED Multi-colour LED in each ESL
Battery lasts up to 5 years with 2 changes per day Battery lasts up to 5 years with 2 changes per day
NFC in all ESL - no activation necessary NFC in all ESL - no activation necessary
WiFi: Only soft access point to integrate devices (e.g. PDA) WiFi: Fully integrated access point
Data transmission AES-128 encrypted Data transmission AES-128 encrypted
Hand control to conveniently switch between the 3 pages No interaction with ESL via additional device possible
No monthly/annual follow-up costs Annual fee for cloud solution. No monthly/annual follow-up costs for local installation.

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