Electronic Price Labelling

Are you still using paper price labels? Then it's time to raise your price labelling to a new level. Electronic price labelling from troniTAG not only enhances the appearance of your shop, but also offers considerable advantages for your company compared to conventional price labels.

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This is how electronic price labelling works

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) work in a simple and effective way. All you need for an electronic price labelling system is:
front view of ESL Tag as Icon
Electronic Price Labels
Fixings for ESL labels as icons
Profiles, brackets and adapters for attaching the price labels
ESL software for data exchange as icon
ESL software that connects the merchandise management system and the cash register with the electronic price tags.
Gateway for transmitting data as an icon
Access point (gateway) for transmitting the data from the ESL system to the price tags
The ESL software from troniTAG accesses the data from your merchandise management system and connects it with the POS system and the electronic price tags. Within the software you can design templates individually or use one of the many templates for the design of your price tags. Product data is transmitted time-controlled (at the desired time) from the server on which the product data is stored by the ESL software via the gateway by radio to the price tags. The transmission takes place within seconds via a fast and secure 2.4 GHz network.

The troniTAG price tags in use

Video: How the quick price change works!
Video: How electronic price tags work!

Functions of the labels

Our electronic shelf labels are based on e-paper technology. Fonts, numbers and logos are displayed in an energy-saving way and are legible in any kind of light. The batteries of the labels last approx. 5 years.

The integrated labels are directly supplied with power via shelf rails and do not require battery replacement. The technology works perfectly in an ambient temperature of 0 - 45° Celsius, so that even use in refrigerated counters is possible. Specially adapted price labels are available for the frozen food sector.

Sealed price labels are used for fresh goods and in outdoor areas, on the one hand to comply with hygiene regulations and on the other hand to protect the price label from damage.


Benefits of electronic price labelling

Up-to-date prices through wireless data transmission

Product and price topicality

With the help of wireless data transfer, you can bring product data and prices up to date in no time at all. The creation and exchange of price labels is no longer necessary.
safe data transmission via radio

Secure data transmission

The encrypted 2.4 GHz radio connection ensures secure data transmission between gateway and label. This protects your wireless network from access by third parties.
Price changes transferable at the touch of a button

Immediate and scheduled updates

Price changes, discount promotions and special prices can be displayed on the labels within a very short time. In addition, time-controlled price changes are possible, e.g. at the weekend or at special times.
Centrally control prices and info

Central price control and monitoring

Prices and additional information on your products are centrally monitored and controlled with the help of ESL technology. This allows you to keep track of your prices at all times.
High-resolution ESLs map scannable barcodes

Stock monitoring and inventory mode

The high-resolution displays even show scannable barcodes and support you in inventory control.
Equipped for the future with ESL

Future-proof solution

With the troniTAG ESL you are ready for the future. Network your online shop with the checkout and the price tags on the shelf. The optional NFC technology allows customers to call up additional information about the product on the label with their NFC-enabled smartphone.
Display for electronic price displays

Extensive fastening solutions

troniTAG ESL can be mounted almost anywhere and can be used for any product. We offer an extensive range of adapters, stands and rails and manufacture individual fixings.
E-paper technology minimises power consumption

High energy efficiency

The labels are equipped with e-paper technology. This reduces power consumption to a minimum and increases energy efficiency.

Advanced solutions

Enhancing the Shopping Experience

Guided shopping tours

Shopping has never been so easy. Shopping lists can be transferred to the smartphone. With the help of troniTAG's ESL system, the customer is guided through the store based on the list.

Looking for deals?

The troniTAG ESL system makes it possible to direct the customer's attention to the offers that are really interesting for him. The troniTAG system uses the interfaces to the smartphone. By means of WLAN and impulse radio ultra-wideband, the position of the customer in the store can be precisely determined. If the customer is in the vicinity of the product he needs, he can be directly informed of special offers.

Extensive range of information

With the help of NFC technology (Near Field Communication) and the smartphone, additional information about the product can be called up. To do this, the smartphone is held up to the electronic shelf label of the respective product. Additional information, such as ingredients or allergens, is displayed directly on the smartphone.

Increase Productivity

Efficient use of personnel

Employees can now be guided to products and shelves in a targeted and navigation-supported manner, e.g. for restocking, replenishing or removing products. This way, you always have an overview of the work that needs to be done and can control it optimally.


Goods with expiry date?

Use the immediate price updates to offer goods with a short expiry date at a special price! In this way you can boost sales of certain products, especially shortly before closing time.

troniTAG offers you future-oriented ESL systems which can be extended with additional functions and integrated into existing systems. In addition to the advantages of ESL over paper labels, we focus on extended solutions. Increase your customer's shopping experience - Increase your productivity

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